Elopement Wedding

Wedding for two or in a very small circle.

Elope now

Just elope as a couple - that's the idea behind the Elopement wedding.

An elopement wedding means that the bride and groom decide not to subject themselves to the planning stress that a wedding party entails, but to simply get married as a couple or in a very small circle.

With me you celebrate your Elopement wedding in Malta the way you like it - without the usual expectations and obligations. You decide what is important to you.

Focus on the most important

Your love

Your love

For a wedding it only takes two people: You and you. With an Elopement wedding, the amount of planning is minimal because you don't have to coordinate and communicate with other guests.

Many couples even marry in secret and surprise friends and family with it afterwards.

The main reasons to elope in Malta are the people, the nature and the historical heritage. Malta is truly a unique cultural blend and something you won't find anywhere else in all of Europe.

Since Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and both the European and African coasts are nearby, the Maltese culture is a mixture of different influences. Also the nature is another reason why you should get married in Malta. I am looking forward to your inquiry.

Getting married for two

Malta Elopement